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New look & 2007


William B

Hi all you CADs,

Hope the best of 2oo6 is the worst of 2oo7 !! :D

To this web site's design team:
I like what you have done to the place.:rolleyes:

What does the rest of you think?

Thanks for the comments William.

We have a lot of new development on schedule this year for all of our online offerings. You may even see a new site (or two) added to our network. However, we couldn't have gotton this far without all of you! By helping each other, all 3DCADForum members help drive traffic to this site and - Over 50,000 CAD Resources!!, 3DCADSearch - Targeted CAD Search on Web and 3DCAD Tutorials  - 3DCAD Tutorials! That traffic is what keeps our site's on top and always improving!

Thanks again William and thanks to all 3DCADForums members!
We wish all a safe and prosperous 2007!

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