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New part based on another part`s axis system


New member

I`m just thinking how can I create a new part in Product with usage of it`s axis system. What I mean is - I have one part made by someone else, and I want to use it`s origin as a publication or sth like this to create a next part that should be working with it. I tried by copying an original axis system, then paste it as a result with link to newly added part and constraint it.
Is that good or is there any other way?


Super Moderator
One easy solution is to create the new part within the Product. When you are asked where to locate this new part, select YES to position it at a different location, and then select the origin of the other part to be the origin of the new part.

To keep both parts at the same location, add a Coincidence constraint between the Axis Systems of each part (select both axis from the tree).
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New member
Thank You,

problem was about using publications from different parts. I accidentaly did not choose "Paste Special-->As Result With Link" so that`s why i couldn`t refer to the original axis system in order to build my new part located on this publication.