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New to Catia V5


New member
Hi there,

I am new to Catia. Since have heard of it's impeccable capabilities as tool for designing was just interested in learning. But in the absence of any guidance finding it difficult to start.

can someone help me out with it as I want to know the initial babysteps of it i.e. from where to start.

version of Catia available with me is "CATIA P3 V5R21"

All responses are appreciated


Super Moderator
Welcome to CATIA Viks!

There are many good tutorials and videos on the internet that you can use to take your 'baby steps', but I highly recommend taking a instructor-taught class. That's the best way to learn CATIA. The company you bought CATIA from probably offers classes, if not your university.

You mentioned you have the "P3" version of CATIA V5. When you run CATIA, the top of the window should look similar to other CAD and Windows programs, with FILE EDIT VIEW INSERT etc in the top menu. If you have something different, you're probably using the P3 interface and you should change that to the P2 interface instead. That's what most CATIA users use.