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New Way of Creating AutoCAD Drawings



You can use this way. If you're creating 2D drawings
and 3D drawings. If you follow this way, you're saving
a lot of time.

The new way of creating CAD drawings is all about
creating a 3D drawing first and then using that drawing
to create your 2D drawing.

In this course is explained how it is done. More. There
is even explained how you can add dimensions to your 2D

Let's make a good start. We start with creating a 3D
drawing. It's going to be a simple drawing. But that
doesn't matter.

We open AutoCAD. We start with a new drawing. We draw a
rectangle. The size of the rectangle is 200 by 100. And
we draw a circle.

The comes is drawn in the left side of the rectangle.
The diameter of the circle is 100. It fits nicely in
the rectangle.

This is the base of the 3D drawing. Let's extrude the
rectangle and the circle. We give them a height of 50.
And a taper angel of zero.

We now have two 3D objects. Let's make one 3D object.
We use the UNION command. You know that command. You
know what to do.

To see the 3D model clearly we go to a 3D view of the
drawing. Next we save the drawing. Give it the name 3D

This is the first articles in a series of five
articles. To get the other articles send a blank e-mail

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About the author:

Jos van Doorn. AutoCAD specialist and AutoLISP
programmer. Also write AutoCAD articles and AutoCAD
courses. Find everything here:

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