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New Website



There’s a new website up and running with a mission to show and teach the importance & usefulness of SolidWorks application programming interface (API) in conjunction with Microsoft Visual Basic for Application. In short, this site shows how to integrate Microsoft Excel and SolidWorks as one software tool. has daily tips, sample programs, video of SolidWorks automation, and free downloads of SolidWorks’ CAD models.

Websites’ Items of Interest
Tips and Hints posted daily, answers to questions related to SolidWorks (API), etc.

Presentations, SolidWorks Automation, etc.

SolidWorks’ Models
Complete model of a Yamaha R6 engine, Multi-stage positive displacement pump, 6 speed Motorcycle transmission, etc. In the download section.

Chris Stimson
Spreadsheetworld, Inc.
Los Angeles, CA
[email protected]
We've been looking for a way to integrate Excel and Solidworks to streamline our design and quotation process, perhaps that website will help. That R6 looks an aweful lot like a Formula SAE motor, no?

Pioneer Racing alumni
where's that demo seems like a tremendous idea. What is the demo you're speaking of? I see examples of a structural angle member and a cylinder with some API attached. Izzat it?

Would love to have some attack made by the spreadsheet-cad guys (or some API fiend) making it possible to edit weldment cut lists in a design table. What would you think the interest level may be. Anyone using weldments extensively?

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