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newsletter: june 08 WOW


new and enhanced

Flamingo 1.1 Service Release 7 Available
Flamingo 1.1 Service Release 7 is now available for download.
Rhino 4.0 SR4 Release Candidate 1 Available
Rhino 4.0 SR4 Release Candidate 1 (Jun-2-2008) is now available for download.
Flamingo 2.0 Release Candidate 2 Available
Flamingo 2.0 is almost ready for release. Flamingo 1.1 users are invited to download Release Candidate 2 and try the new features...
Rhino for OS X - New Build
Toucan Renderer implemented and more...
STEP Import and Export Plug-ins Updated
Step files generated by this plug-in can be read by Altium Designer, SolidWorks 2008, and Solid Edge. Step objects are assigned the layer color when appropriate...
Brazil r/s 2.0 for Rhino Updated
Free Public Beta 15 of Brazil r/s 2.0 for Rhino is now available to everyone for download.
Third-party products - new and enhanced

HyperShot for Rhino - Beta
Bunkspeed announced the free beta release of its hyperShot® plug-in for Rhino.
V-Ray for Rhino - Service Release
This free Service Release of ASGvis' V-Ray for Rhino provides a new network licensing system, a more efficient rendering workflow using a highly optimized distributed rendering system, and other enhancements.
RhinoTerrain 1.0 Released
RhinoTerrain SARL today announced the release of RhinoTerrain 1.0 for Rhinoceros 4.0, a plug-in for generation and analysis of accurate 3-D terrain models for use in Architecture, Survey, Civil Engineering ...
T-Splines 2.0 WIP 6 for Rhino Available
Check out the new editing tools in this new work-in-progress version. Be sure to watch the video. Very fun.
VisualARQ for Rhino Beta 1 Announced
VisualARQ Beta 1 from Asuni CAD is now available to download. VisualARQ adds smart doors, walls, windows, stairs, floors, roofs, etc. to Rhino.
Rhinophoto Beta
Rhinophoto Version 0.9.2 is available for download.
MeshFlatten for Rhino Announced
RESURF announced MeshFlatten for Rhino, a plug-in for Rhino. This plug-in gives Rhino the ability to unroll the selected mesh model. MeshFlatten for Rhino is designed to be extremely user friendly ...
Rayflectar Graphics - Timer Utility, etc.
Thomas Anagnostou at Rayflectar Graphics has been kind enough to share the many tools he has developed for his own in-house use. The latest is Project Timers for automatic tracking of project time.
Labs projects

Grasshopper 0.3 Released
Generative Modeling for Rhino — For designers who are exploring new shapes using generative algorithms, Grasshopper™ is a graphical algorithm editor tightly integrated with Rhino’s 3-D modeling tools.
PanelingTools Update
A new release of PanelingTools plug-in for Rhino 4.0 is available for download. History support is added to all commands. Many other enhancements and bug fixes.
Windows Service Version of the Zoo Available
The new Labs version of the Zoo runs as a Windows Service. When you reboot the system, you no longer have to log on to start the Zoo.
RhinoScript Update
RhinoScript is a scripting language based on Microsoft's VBScript language. With RhinoScript, you can quickly add functionality to Rhino, or automate repetitive tasks.
Set draw order per layer and per object. In Rhino, objects are normally drawn based on their distance away in 3-D. Unfortunately, for 2-D layout that is not always the best.
Curve Piping
Curve Piping, a free Labs Rhino 4.0 plug-in, allows you to convert curves to meshes for rendering.
Edge Softening
Edge softening allows you to fake filleted edges on meshes for rendering.
Designing for Second Life in Rhino
We prototyped an example Rhino plug-in writing sculpted primitives for Second Life. Fortunately, Gan Uesli Starling has written up detailed instructions on everything you need to know...
Circle Packing RhinoScript - New Version
Steven Janssen has posted a new version of his circle packing RhinoScipt on the Rhino Wiki.
User stories

Delta Marine mega-yachts
The style of Delta's fully custom yachts combines classic sophistication with the modern curves that could only come from today’s most advanced design and production techniques...
Training and tutorials

New Rhino Jewelry Tutorial CD
Vivian Li has just published her first Rhino Jewelry Tutorial CD. It includes over 5 hours of video instruction in 35 courses.
T-Splines for Rhino tutorials
Three new tutorials, highlighting three basics of T-Splines for Rhino freeform modeling.
RhinoScript - Archimedean Spirals
A new RhinoScript example that creates Archimedean Spirals...
LaN-ON-SITE: Barcelona Summer Workshop

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