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Non-linear configuration management

I am curious if it is possible to create configurations of an assembly in such a way that you can have "options" that can be turned on or off independently?

Option 1 has choice a, b, or c
Option 2 has choice d, e, or f
Option 3 has choice g, h, or i

Current SolidWorks configuration ability requires then 27 independent configurations to fully define the choices:


...you get the idea

Is it possible to rather define the configurations like so:

Option 1: user selects either a, b or c
Option 2: user selects either d, e or f
Option 3: user selects either g, h, or i

In my example, each set of choices in each option are mutually exclusive from one another. An example of this could be "the machine either has a gas engine, diesel engine, or electric motor."

I'm unsure what to call this type of a setup, perhaps "matrix" or "array" configuration. Derived configurations are not what I'm asking about, as you would still need to fully define all 27 options independently. Derived configs would probably cut out some of the work required in assembly setup, but not as much as I'm imagining could be cut out.

Is such a thing possible in SolidWorks? I haven't found it yet, if so.