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NX Training Material (or lack of it)...


New member

Many members are asking for more NX training materials. Unfortunately, UGS keeps a tight grip on all of their training material such that none is available for quick, free viewing. You can however, go to and with your user ID # obtain a webkey that will allow you access to "some" free material.

However, we do have some resources here at that will at least help. Here is what we have as of June 21, 2006.

NX Tutorials Directory
Admin (4)
Assembly (2)
Data Exchange (3)
Drafting (2)
Modeling (3)
NX3 (2)
Rendering (1)

NX Tips Directory
Admin (25)
Assembly (5)
Configuration (1)
Customization (2)
Data Exchange (27)
Drafting (18)
Hardcopy (2)
Modeling (24)
NX2 Specific (7)
NX3 Specific (8)
NX4 Specific (1)
Other (6)
Rendering (17)
Training (1)
User Interface (3)

We'll add more as soon as we find it!

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