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NX4 Fatal error message - Help!?



After installing the new NX4 application successfully on WinXP system I tried to start some design training, but by opening an existing part or creating a new part I got finally the message: "Fatal error detected unable to continue".
The mouse pointer disappears and by pressing the enter button NX4 terminates.

Helpfull advice is very wellcome
Best regards
Install problem

Hello Samson54,

  • Does the error occur repeatedly every time you launch NX4?
  • Try rebooting XP and try it again.
  • Try uninstalling NX4 and the reinstalling.
  • Pay close attention to any messages that may appear during the install.
  • What are your hardware specs (grapphics card, RAM, free disk space, etc.) and do they match the recommended system requirements for NX4?
Please report back.

Thanks and good luck.
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Video card problem...

Hello Samson54,

It could be a video card problem. I researched others with similar problems and they switched to an Nvidia Quadro video car and fixed the problem.

What video card do you have?

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Card for sale...

I just noticed that a fellow member has one of those cards for sale in the Classifieds forum here in this form. It's near the top of the list of forums. Not sure if it's still available or not.

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Thanks for the immediate response.
My PC is already 2 years old and may not really meet the NX4 requirements.
It's a
Siemens-Fujitsu Scaleo 600
AMD Athlon 64 3200+
250 GB HD in 2 partitions
Video Radeon 9600XT

Do I need a hardware (video-) upgrade?

The problem will not be fixed by re-installation and there are no special messages during installation that may give any indication on a later occuring problem, just quite a normal installation procedure.
Your syslog should give you a pretty good idea of what the problem is. If you need help reading the syslog, let me know.
samson have you managed to solve the problem?
i seem to have the same problem with my hp zv6009us
AMD 64 3200+
1.25gb ram
60gb hdd
ati radeon 200m

reinstallation does not seem to work, i even reformatted my hdd then reinstalled
same error still
Please help
Hello, samson

The fatal error is due to the problem of grapphics card.Try to download the latest driver programme of your grapphics card from ATI website, then the problem can be fixed.
I got same problem before,but now it is solved by this method.Thanks.

Best Regards
NX4 will not run on IE7. You will get the fatal error message. If you switched or upgraded you have to go back to IE6.
NX4 IE7 workaround

NX4 will run with IE7 (internet explorer 7), but first delete this file.

Delete the %UGII_BASE_DIR%/ugii/psapi.dll file.

Note: UGS provided the psapi.dll file for Windows NT compatibility. However, it is no longer needed since it is included in the Windows 2000 and Windows XP operating systems.

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