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NX4_Default Level_Customer Defaults




I have two questions:


File - Utilities - Customer Defaults

My Default Level - User is unlock (read - write) and I make a change to the defaults and export current defaults to a .dpv file, too, but it does not apply the configurated values
when using the applications (for example: Dimension Style in Modeling, Drafting or Sketching).
I think the issue can be the system variables but I´m not sure.
I can change the values but I can not make the NX4 to boot, reinitialize with the modified ones.

This is the part of the NX log file where you can see the load of the modified Customer Default file configuration is correct:

No user customizations read from UGII_SITE_DIR - environment variable is not set
No user customizations read from UGII_GROUP_DIR - startup directory C:\Program Files\UGS\NX 4.0\UGII\YO\startup not found
No user customizations read from UGII_USER_DIR - environment variable is not set
Processing customer default values file C:\Program Files\UGS\NX 4.0\UGII\YO\ajustes_actuales_260406.dpv
Customer CDF (Color Definition File) is not defined


I tried from system variables to create Default Levels (Site, Group, User) but it was unsuccessfully (you see above).

I don´t know where the mistake is and if there is any solution, can you help me for this questions,

Thank you
First you should have a folder called "startup" where you define the system env variable. So it should be something like \\cadserver\admin\startup\file...

Then, you'll need to create a system env variable looking like this...

Variable name: UGII_SITE_DIR
Variable value: \\cadserver\admin

After you log in to NX your log file should look like this...
Processing customer default values file \\cadserver\admin\startup\nx4_site.dpv

You'll do the same process for group, the user default I let default to the UGS location.

Let me know if that doesn't work.

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