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Open a SW 2008 file in 2007?


New member
Hello everyone. At work today I created a few drawings in SW 2008, put the assembly together, and then realized that my co-worker's computer is still on SW 2007. She tried opening the files up, but they won't open. Is there any way to get these files to open on 2007?

Thanks for any help in advance.
Unless I am mistaken, you cannot open a native SW file using a version of SolidWorks that is older than what it was saved in (eg open 2006 file with 2005 software, etc.). The only way you can have your colleague view it is to save it as a universal format (IGES, STEP, etc.), but you also lose all design intent, as it then becomes a 'blob', with no features to modify :(.

I know it's not what you want to hear, but this is what I know from my experiences.
The engineer I drew the parts for actually came up with a great solution. She simply asked the IT manager on our floor to upgrade her computer to SW2008. :) Before I knew that, I had tried saving the files as parasolid files, which seemed to work. The assembly didn't work out, but as long as I had the individual parts I would have been ok. Thanks anyway for the reply.

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