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Opening a subassembly


New member
I just wanted to know whether there is a easy way to open a subassembly low level in hierarchy like for example I have an assembly which contains assembly which contains an assembly so on till 17 assemblies. How to open an subassembly which is in no 5 heirarchy from top level.
What is the fastest way to do the task?
Thanks in advance.
Set your filter to Part Priority, select the part in the screen, RMB and
select find in browser. From there it should be easy to decide what level
you want to open from.
I hope it was helpful to you.
The Model Tree Is Your Friend!

In the model tree, expand the subassemblies that contain the part or subassembly that you want, by LMB on the "+" boxes, until you find the entity you want. Double LMB on the part name and VOLA! The subassembly you want to edit will become active! If you want to open it in another window, do the same thing about expanding parts until you find the one you want then RMB on the part name and LMB "Open".
Hold the Shift Button down while RMB and select Leaf Priority. Then
select the part you would like to edit, then RMB and either pick edit to
edit in the context of the assembly or open to open in a new graphics
window. Or select leaf priority from the selection filter on the tool bar.

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