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New member
I want my osnaps on permanently, as when I activate other commands my osnap box clears. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Hi Baldasarre,

what I do, is a combination of buttons with osnap configuration in my personal toolbar.

The main button I use often has in it my favorites osnap settings, ( end, cen, qua, int, insert).

You put in your preferences and make as much buttons as you need for your work.

Just one click on the button and your osnaps are set.

Bye, from Greenfield Park, south shore of Montréal, Québec.

Robert Morin

Type OS on the command line. This will bring up the Osnaps box. Make sure the box in the top left hand corner is checked (osnaps on). While in here check or uncheck any of the osnaps you want on or off.


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