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Pan/Rotate problem



I just upgraded to ver 2007. When panning or rotating using the wheel on the mouse, the part/drawing does not move in a continues motion. It moves in an erratic way.
This does not occure when using the keyboard arrows.
I have tried different settings on the "view rotations" under Options.
Re: Pan/Rotate Problem

I think the problem of pan/rotate is due to shortage of RAM in your system, this occurs only if you have a large part and/or assembly files on hand.

The arrow keys are usually "slow in terms of response time" than the mouse, so you might have not faced any problem while rotating or moving the part/s.

And last, if you changed your settings of pan/rotate, then better you go back to default options that will help you restore the system default values.

I hope your problem would be solved upto somewhat extent.

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