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Parametric Spur Gear Design using CATIA V5....


New member
Hi everyone,

I am very interested in learning to design gears in Catia. I have found a VERY good, in depth tutorial on how to design a parametric spur gear at the following website: Spur Gears

However there is one step I just cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to do!! If you see at step 5.4 we are supposed to extrapolate our spline curve. In the "continuity" box, curvature is chosen.

After a few more steps, in step 5.7 we are supposed to make a "curve" that attaches to the rotated spline and a circle that we made. HOWEVER Catia WILL NOT let me make that curve! No matter what I do! After several redo's of that part im so tired and fed up. Can anyone tel me if they encounter the same problem?

I have found in some trials that if when extrapolating the curve, in the "continuity" box, i choose tangent instead of curvature and uncheck the "assemble result" box, then sometimes I am able to make the cure. But thats not the way to do it. I want to do it with the curvature option when extrapolating.

If anyone gets a chance to try this please let me know if they get it working and how.



New member

for that hf, 'if statement'

i don`t understand where and how you put that in the formula editor

(can you take a snapshot pls)

basically formula editor 101 for me