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Part body in assembly not visible



We have translated few V4 model into V5, and brought them (CATprod) into an assembly. So now i have a main product and sub-products created from V4. And these sub-products have parts. But for some reason some of the imported CATpart have no part bodies that can be mated with other part bodes, but instead it only has CATpart. Even when I right click and edit it, it does not expand. However, if I open them in a new window, they show the part body and geometries and all that stuff...what's going on? How come I can't see those part bodies of only some CATParts? But see everything if I open them in a new window?
It's crazy but I created another product and brought the exact same imported CATProd files and now all CATParts have bodies and x,y,z planes and geometries, etc. I don't understand, is there a setting?
I don't understand this, parts that had no sub-trees, suddenly have them.
Please shed some light on this...thank you.
btw, i did everything exactly the same, created a product and inserted existing files. and didn't change any least not intentionally..
Try to check the following two setting:
Tools --> Options --> General --> Load Reference Documents
Tools --> Options --> Infrastructure --> Work With Cache.
The first should be ON (if you are not working with VPM). If the second is on, make sure that you have switched your parts to Design Mode.
You might also try cleaning out your cache directory, as well as running CATDUA on the CATParts.

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