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part created with numerous sufaces/bodies.

Kevin Engelstad

New member
I am using Solid Edge Version 19. I downloaded a 3-D model from a website. in a parasolid text transmit document format. When i open it in Solid Edge i get a message, "Multiple bodies found during the file open process. The base feature for this document will not be automatically created. Use the Make Base Feature command from the shortcut menu, or construct a new base feature". When i insert this part into a model, it will not show up until i find it in the Edge Browser -> right click it -> Show/Hide Component -> Surfaces. This is a huge annoyance to me and creates another step in the lengthy process of inserting parts into my huge assemblies. Is there a way i can insert the part into my model with all surfaces shown right away. is there a way i can make that model into a solid model without all the multiple surfaces/bodies. Previously i hid all bodies except one, made it a base feature, saved it, then repeated the process until all bodies were a part by themsleves, then inserted all the parts into an assembly. Then i saved that assembly as an iges, re-opened it as a part and saved it as a part document. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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