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Parts opening as part copy only




I am a fairly new user to SE. I am having trouble when I try to open a new math data product file from customers. The files come in the format of igs, step, UG prt, and parasolid. When I open them as a SE .par file the data shows up as a part copy and not a solid body. How do I get theses parts to open as solid bodies or base features so that I can work on them.
Thanks in advance,

Hi JD,

I believe you have known that Solid Edge is a parametric or 'history' based 3D MCAD. Being a parametric MCAD system, a feature tree will be automatically constructed when you model your part.

If you're reading in a non-SolidEdge file or neutral file format (e.g. UG/NX, Pro-E, Catia, IGES, STEP, JT, etc) into Solid Edge, the feature tree that was constructed in the other MCAD will not visible in Solid Edge, even though you may see the complete model in the graphics window.

As a result, you'll only see a part copy in the feature tree of Solid Edge. If you require to slightly edit the imported model, and you're on v19, you're able to use the direct editing features to do so. Alternatively, you'll need to have the Feature Recognizer module to automatically recognize the individual features and rebuild the feature tree in Solid Edge. Having done that, you'll then be able to edit the features as you do normally.

Hope this helps.


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