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Paste in Multiple Bodies?

Hi everyone! In CATIA, I needed to Translate multiple bodies of a CATPart (for example, 15 mm y-direction). I know that you can copy and paste the Translate.1 command from one body to another, rather than starting the Translate command over from step 1 for each body. Is there a method to copy a Translate from one body to multiple bodies? For example, in the picture below I'm trying to copy Translate.1 in body Circle 1 to the 3 bodies Small Circle 1, Small Circle 2, and Small Circle 3 in one easy step. Copying and pasting is no problem if there are only 3 bodies to paste to, but my trouble is when I have 50+ bodies to copy to. I hope that makes sense. Please let me know if you have questions.



Super Moderator
Copy & Paste should work - are you using "current solid" as the object to move?

You could also try a Power Copy.

But why are you translating over 50 bodies? Could you Assemble them all into a single body and then Translate them all in one operation? Or use a Pattern to duplicate the original body
Copy & Paste does work, but I can only paste the feature to 1 body at a time.

A Power Copy seems to copy multiple consecutive features of a body, but will still only paste to 1 body at a time.

While it is a good idea to assemble the different bodies, I am translating over 50 bodies because my customer requires me to work with several independent elements in a single part file. The different elements are not actually the same shape and size like the image I attached - that was for example purposes only so using a Pattern would not help. I am wondering if there is a Multi-Output version of the Translate function for bodies.


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There is not a multi-output capability that I'm aware of.

Is this part based on Positioned sketches and Axis System planes? If it is, you could just Translate the Axis, and all the children bodies would follow.
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Oh well, if the task is boring but still - the customer is paying - you need to make yourself a coffee and just click through all those 50 copy-pastes :p If you wanted to automate that anyway I think that's a job for a macro but I won't give you more details on those. Try "recording" the thing you want to copy over - then make yourself a keyboard shortcut for the macro and just go through all the bodies with hitting the keybind - that should work.