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Path planning in Catia


New member
I'm new here, and I'm a student. I'm working on a project at College to make paths on CAD models in Catia.
I came across a problem.
I choose a surface and mesh it to get points on surface. When I export those points to txt and excel files they are in random. And when I go through macro to make spline from that points it's just some random spline, not in any order. So my question is, is there any macro or any other way to rearrange those points in some order to make nice splines.

Pictures of how it should be (I did that via choosing points) and how it is via macro are in attechments.



Super Moderator
I'm not aware of a CATIA macro that will do what you want.

The only thing I can think of is the Hole Chart command in Drafting, but it doesn't sort to provide a nice spline.

You might want to download the CATIA Portable Script Center (search for it) to see if there's anything there you can use.
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