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I'm guessing you don't want the pattern of holes to be outside the circumference of the part.

I can suggest two methods:

A. Make the Rectangular pattern, like you have, and then add a PAD to create an outer ring that will fill in the holes that you don't want.

B. Make the User Defined Pattern, based on a sketch containing the centerpoints of the desired holes.

Or actually you can right click on the retacgular pattern, then go to object/explode.

This step will help break down all the holes pattern into separate hole feature. Then only you go to delete those unneccesarry hole features.

But bare in mind that, this is only one way feature. Is no way to combine them into one pattern feature. If you really wan to keep the design change reflect to first hole. THen you should choose user defined pattern as what mention previous replied post.

Use the Catia "deselection" don't explode

Instead of exploding your pattern as suggested, use Catia's ability to deselect the holes in the complete pattern that you don't require.
When you are defining the pattern Catia shows in its preview each of the patterned objects i.e. in your case each new hole. For those that you do not require simply click the orange dot associated with that hole. This deselects the hole but leaves the pattern as a pattern that can be subsequently reworked or modified as required. If you require it later you can reclick the dot and it will be integrated back into the whole pattern.
Don't explode

As a help to my previous answer I attached two pictures to show the steps, unfortunately they were too big for the forum. Here they are again but this time with reduced sizes. Hope this helps.


  • Pattern.Step01.bmp
    229.7 KB · Views: 33
  • Pattern.Step02.bmp
    224.3 KB · Views: 22

All right, but what about other quarters, how to create the same pattern on each quarter?

You could do 2 Symmetries. One to mirror the quadrant into half, and the secone to mirror the half into the whole.

Or, you can do it in one step with a Circular Pattern to rotate the quadrant about the center axis to get the other 3 quadrants.
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Hello all,

Could you please help me to change a pattern from a reuse pattern. Could you tell me how can I do by Macro or rules. I need to parameter the pattern that I use depending to the parameter

thanks in advance

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