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PDM Error 50 upon check in



I have a sub assembly that will not check in to the vault???
I get an error 50, which simply means unable to complete checkin.

The individual parts check-in fine, however the assembly won't???

Has any one seen this and can suggest a fix.

As a fix I was contemplating deleting the subassembly from the vault and recreating it with the same name as the original, and checking this in to the vault.
If I do this, will all the assemblies that use this subassembly maintain the link as if it was the original???
I doubt it, call your var and have them figure out way the vault isn't letting you check the files in. There's many reasons why the server isn't letting this work.

If the internal feature id's for every part & assy match the old files you might get lucky.

Can you check other stuff in?
PDM error

Also check whether the sub assy is being owned by sum other user or check if sum other assy which is already checked in contains that sub assy.


Deepak gupta

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