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pedit joining problems


New member
I am trying to take many single lines and arcs, that touch each other, and join them prior to extruding.
Sometimes pedit works for me, sometimes not!
I have kept the fuzz distance to 0.00.
I don't get any error messages while doing the command. sometimes it just doesn't join the lines!
Any ideas?
stubborn plines

I'm not sure, but I can offer a few hints/tips that might help, or maybe trigger a thought to help yourself. I hope one of these works. First, I'd ensure that they are all on the same Z-plane, because if their elevations are different, they won't join. You may want to change your fuzz distance to something small, instead of 0, because maybe the actually ARE very very slightly misaligned. Also, keep an eye on your command line for a hint.

1. make sure all your lines are polylines.
2. pedit will only join the ends of two lines, it will not join multply lines to the end of one line.
3. make sure the actual end of the line is snapped to the end of the line you want to join it to (use grips).
I would definitly try changing your Fuzz distance to something small, and make sure its a polyline that would be your best bet
Sometimes it's easier to use the Fillet-command to join polylines. Start Fillet, click the first polyline, hold down the shift-key while clicking the second polyline. Done! The shift-key makes a fillet with radius 0, a corner. This also works with joining a polyline to a line. And this is also great if the endpoints are not on top of each other, but visibly are apart, the fillet will extend and trim the lines at their intersection. The Chamfer-command will also do the sam thing (with the shift-key). Try it out to see if it is suitable for your problems. Good luck

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