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pentium 4 for turbocad 14?


New member
Does turbocad 14 actually require a pentium 4 processor? or is there any other class of processor (example: pentium 5, celeron or something from amd) that would work? I have tc 14 pro, but haven't gotten a machine for it yet.
System Requirements

Right from:
TurboCAD > Products > TurboCAD 14 > Professional

* Pentium IV Processor
* Microsoft ® Windows XP 512 Mb RAM, Microsoft ® Vista 1 Gb RAM
* 300 MB of free hard disk space depending on accessory applications installed, 64 MB of swap space
* Super VGA (1024 x768) display
* High Color (16 bit) graphics card
* 4X CD-ROM drive with 32 bit drivers


* 2 GHz Processor, 256 MB RAM
* 3D Graphics accelerator card
* Wheel mouse
* Internet connection
* Microsoft ® Internet Explorer™ required for Internet registration
* Macromedia ® Flash™ plug-in required for on-line tutorials.

Hope this helps...
TC 10.5 user

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