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phd Research - online survey - please help



We are conducting two online surveys on behalf of the Department of Design &
Technology at Loughborough University and forms an essential part of my PhD
research please could you find the time to complete these surveys.

The aim of the first survey is to assess your designers views to aid the
development of a specification for a 3D visualization and evaluation
software tool for the future. Such a tool would be used to capture
consumer perceptions using virtual prototyping technologies. Please could
you help my research by completing my online survey which should take on
average 5-10 minutes at:

Designer requirements for next generation product evaluation software

SurveyShare Online Survey Tool - Email Survey And Results Marketing Software

The second survey should take on longer than 10 minutes; the aim of this
survey is to assess what the industry uses during their design processes in
terms of product evaluation and can be found at:

Product Evaluation in Industry

SurveyShare Online Survey Tool - Email Survey And Results Marketing Software

The information you provide will remain confidential and will be collated
into a single report for each survey. Feel free to contact me at
[email protected] if you have any other questions.

Thank you for your participation, feel free to forward this to other
relevant people.

Roland Barge

Roland A. Barge BSc (Hons), MSc

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