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Pipe model



I am new to Catia, I have done a model of a pipe using "Adaptive Sweep" and used "Thick Surface" tool and gave 2 mm thickness. The resultant model looks some what shabby, What have done wrong? I am also attaching the image of the model along with this thread.
With regards.


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Carlen, based on the image you attached it looks to me that you are currently displaying the surface (yellow) and the solid (purple) on top of each other. If you expand the PartBody in the tree, you should see a Geometric Set that you can HIDE to turn-off all the construction geometry, including the yellow surface. This should make your pipe look alot better. :)
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Hi Mr Catia,
Thank you for replying to the post.
I have a simple doubt, Is it better to use "Rib" tool or "Adaptive Sweep" tool and then thicken the surface. As when I tried rib tool later I got the model perfectly alright.
With regards.
Either method is fine, Carlen.

Since your pipe has a simple cross-section (circle), the Rib function is probably easier and simplier to do since everything can be done in the Part Design Workbench.

If you had a more complex cross-section, the Thick Surface from a Swept surface would probably be a better method, but a few more steps. As you become more familiar with CATIA, you'll find that the surface tools provide much more functionality to define more complex shapes.
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