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Pitch for threaded holes



Hi all,
have a Q regarding pitch for threads.
When I use the hole wizard for threaded holes, the pitch is showing after the dimension (horizontal/ vertical) for its orientation, at the drawing. How can I get rid of it, cause it´s enough to show it for the dimension for the hole/thread.

I believe you have an option in hole wizard not to apply textures to features. To remove them, it's either a face or a feature texture. Click on the feature RMB look for feature and appearance, texture then click on remove. If it's not there, then do it again but this time for the face.

remember part colors and texture work by parts, features and lastly by faces.
Hi bcampbell
it is not the colors, it is the pitch after the dim.
If I chose M6 in the wizzard and it is located at X=100 and Y= 50 in the part, it will shows up on the drawing as 100x1 and 50x1. How can I get rid of the "x1".

pitch for threaded holes

well can u pls let me know which version u working with


Deepak Gupta

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