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Plastics parts in surface (GSD) or in part design ?


New member
I have started to work in a factory which produces plastics parts which are in different size and shape. We are using plastic injection to produce them. But we are not designing the parts , we just manufacture them from raw plastics such as PP, PA, PU, Nylon 6 and dozens of others. My question is that do they use catia Surface design (GSD) or part design to design them. Because as far as I know plastics parts oftenly are designed by using surface design. However there is no thickness in surface design as plastics parts have thickness in different dimensions. I am a little bit confused. Is there anyone who can elaborate this things .
Thank you.


Super Moderator
They probably use both workbenches and both types of geometry. Part Design (solids) for the majority of design features (ribs, bosses, etc) and the final design. GSD (surfaces) are used for complex, sculptured shapes (outside ergonomic surfaces). The surface geometry is then "converted" into solids (with tools like CloseSurface and ThickSurface). One of the unique benefits of CATIA is it's ability to use both types of geometry together, when it's needed.
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