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please reconsider


New member
I get some good help from this website but this post approval crap must go. I post on a LOT of web forums and none of them have serious spam problems. I can understand a trial period, like say 10 or 20 posts, where post approval is required, but after that, how come people can't be trusted to post like adults?

Chances are that most of the people who post here are professionals working within the design/engineering field and once they have posted 10 times, you can pretty much bet they aren't going to all of a sudden start spamming the forum.

I'm posting this because it pisses me off when I start a thread or post a reply and I come back to the forum 2 or 3 days later and my submission has not yet been approved. How do you expect to gain/maintain a reasonable user base when using the forum is so tedious and slow?

I post here because I do get good answers to my problems but most of my work stuff is time sensitive... 3 days is not acceptable when I need an answer ASAP.

Furthermore, I'm not overly inclined to help other people with the knowledge I already have due to the serious posting delays. In fact, it bothers me so much I don't even feel like hanging around the forum like I do on other sites.

Anyway, this is just my opinion and I'm posting it because I think this site could be much better and I would like to see that.