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Pocket milling with a radiused endmill



I am trying to mill a pocket 0.040" deep. I am using a cutter 0.750 dia. with a 0.120 radius on the bottom of the cutter. Is there a way to have the catia manufacturing software do the mathematical calculation for me? My pockets are coming out undersize. I can manually offset the cutter path to the calculated formula, however I was hoping that catia could do it for me. All of the geometry is in the cutter description. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!


Could someone please give any advice on machinning a pocket with a radiused endmill. I am having to manually compensate for the radius on the bottom of the cutter to get my pockets to the right length and width. I am using a 3/4" endmill with a 0.120 radius. I am machining 0.040 deep. I have calculated that my pockets are 0.061 to short in length and width due to the radius. Is there a setting or something in catia manufacturing to have the software compensate for you? Thanks


Super Moderator
I'm not an NC specialist, but I thought CATIA did drive the cutting tool directly on the surface. Are you sure you haven't added an offset by mistake?


I am sure

I am sure. I thought the same thing as well. However upon inspection on the pockets, all pocket came up 0.0406 per side short.