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Point chart creation



Looking for help with creating point chart tables (XYZ) chart) from 3D measurement points for inserting into a drawing.

I have created a chart from an excel file before so I think this can be done. I just can’t figure out how to transfer the XYZ measurement numbers to the drawing or excel without typing it all in manually.

The Generative Drafting workbench can make the point chart for you based on the points on the drawing. Make sure you have the 3D Wireframe option turned on in the View properties so you project the 3D points onto the drawing. In the Dimensioning toolbar, look for the icon called Coordinate Dimension Table. Search the online docs for "Points Coordinates Table" for detailed instructions.

or, you can copy & paste the excel spreadsheet onto the drawing.

or, there's an option to insert CSV if you save your spreadsheet in that format.

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