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Polyline: Do you want to make it one? (Y)

You can't "bypass" it. It means you have selected a line or arc, which doesn't have all the properties of a pline. If you select a pline, you don't get the question. In order to edit a polyline (which is what Pedit does), you must have a pline to begin with.
Editing Polylines

DO you want to make it one?
What is the command you use to bypass this question when using the PE command?

Hello Baldasarre,

There are lines and there are polylines.
The command you use to edit a polyline is of course PE or Pedit or polyedit.
When you select this command and then the polyline you are then offered a selection of sub-commands on the command line to choose from such as join, width, decurve etc.
Are you aware of the differences between lines & polylines?

AutoCAD recognises a polyline when it is a polyline.
It also recognises a line that is not a polyline!
When you pick a line either intentionally or by mistake it asks you the question......Do you want to make it one?
This is the default response by AutoCAD.
A pain in the backside really! cause why else would you want to use this command anyway!!!
You can change this and you can bypass this!
The magic word or command is.......................... PEDITACCEPT
It is either 0 or 1. That is either off or on.
In effect this question is asking you if you want this line to be converted into a poyline so that you may edit it in some way.
If the current value is 0 change it to 1.
Next time you select a line it will automatically convert it to a polyline without asking you if you want to.
Which is what you've been looking for. Yes?

Apart from this I know nothing.
Have a good day as you guys say in America !


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Thanks a lot for your reply Stephen. I think there is a command that bypasses the question and makes it a polyline automatically. I learned it at my last job but now i dont remember what it was.

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