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Possibility for associativity between elements in different views in interactive draf


Hi Guys,
I was trying to create a drawing through interactive drafting (without any 3D Model) but I found that unlike generative drafting there was no link between the elements in 2 different views (for eg. Front View and Top View). If I change a dimension in Front View, the corresponding element in Top View does not get updated. Please let me know how can I establish such a link between the two views in interactive drafting mode. Looking forward for your reply. Thanks in advance.


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Use the Generative Drafting workbench if you want associativity. With CATIA V5, the views are associated to the 3D model - so, making a change to the 3D model will effect all the views (projected line work and dimensions)
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Associativity can be achieved with Interactive Drafting, if you make the drawing parametric driven.

1. Create Parameters
2. Create dimensions in various views (duplicate dimensions when needed to fully dimension each view). Make these dimensions "driven"
3. and Link all Driven Dimensions to the appropriate Parameter

Changes made to parameters will be reflected in all features that are parametriclly driven.
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