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powercopy help


New member
i've never used powercopy (because i don't know how:p )

I played around in it, and i have a question.

What if you need to place it on a point, direction, and a plane.
So far it just lets me select the plane on which to place the power copy

(if you got any tutorials other then the one in the documentation, please share)
Hi there

Could you expain the powercopy that you are wanting to create....BTW Powercopies are defined by your inputs and as such Im guessing that you can choose whatever you like...Also If it were something simple like a hole that you wanted to powercopy then all you wold need to define would be the plane or surface and the point. The hole would be created normal to the plane or surface @ the point, hence you would not need a direction input...Would be nice to see how you intend using this powerful feature in you currnt project.


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