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PowerPoint presentation using Acrobat 3D models


New member
I created a PowerPoint presentation by inserting Acrobat 3D model, the problem is that on a machine with only Adobe Reader 7.0.7 installed it's not possible to view the content!
What should be done to view the presentation, can anyone give me some insight about it.
Thanks in advance


New member

I'd suggest downloading a free trial of Acrobat 8.0

I'm not sure on your issue, but will check out.



Hi Carleigh,
For others to view the PowerPoint with embedded 3D models, you have to convert it to PDF first using the Adobe PDFMaker plug-in that appears on the Adobe toolbar inside PowerPoint.
Your PowerPoint will be converted to PDF and will preserver your 3D model inside PDF with full interactivity. Now you send the PDF to anyone using just Adobe Reader 7 to view it.


New member
Acrobat offers many functions like bookmarks and notes and search for text. Im wondering if there is a DjVu viewer that has those functions. Can somebody give me some suggestions?