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Practical assembly problem


New member
Dear Mr Catia,
first of all thank you for solving our problems in a very good way.
I would like to profit of your knoledge to solve a practical problem related to Catia.
I am designing a machinery with many parts laser cutted.
They are embedded together as you can see on exemple annexed.
Workshop need dwg to work on the laser cutting machine.
I have designed part 2 with embedding feature and part 1 without, because during the complete assembly of the machine in Catia, I would like to be free to move part 2 in the best position and then realize embedding feature on part 1.
Finally I would like to have two sketch with embedding features to save as dwg .
If I use Assembly features to transfer embeddig profile of part 2 to part 1, I cannot obtain modification of part 1 SKETCH. How can I do that?
Because there is MANY parts manufactured as the exemple, I would like to find a better way to obtain the result, instead of to modify ALL the sketches of "part 1" by hand after Assembly (in most of cases it's a long way and I am not shure to make mistake resulting in a bad final assembly of parts).
Thank a lot for your help


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I suggest you look at adding some more software to your CATIA system that will provide the specific tools you need to automate your "nesting" and "laser cutting" applications. If you have many parts to fabricate, having the correct tools will save you time and save your company money.

You might want to talk to your CATIA reseller about this. They can setup a demonstration and help with training and best practices.

I searched the webpage and found something called ACT/CUT V5 written by a company called Alma. DELMIA might be able to do this also. I'm sure there are other solutions as well.

(I helped a client several years ago with a similar sheetmetal requirement. Combining CATIA V4 with a package called "RADAN" provided a total automated solution for them)

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