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Printing 3D layout drawings


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Hello, I have a 2D layout in 3D that I need to print. The layout has areas that have fills or are shaded, balloons. When I print the shading disapears? currently I am using the screen capture set to Vector Mode then when I select print I set it to Rasterization, this will allow the shaded boxes and the font in the boxes to print but then all of the line weights of the view are changed to one size. All font has been added in FT&A. I have also experimented sending the layout to a .dwg from an annotation plane then using view from 3D. I get the font in the balloons but no shading and the line weight changes to one thk. This way I am not sure at this point if I am getting the correct scale. Any ideas? Thank you MJ
two quick thoughts:

1. try using the FILE + PRINT to print instead of image capture

2. keep in mind that printing from 3D is based on screen resolution, but printing a drawing recomputes the graphics based on the printer settings and normally results in much better quality. You might consider making a drawing of your 3D layout (use the VIEW FROM 3D tool to make the drawing view) and print this drawing.

Buster: which workbench are you using to make the layout?
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