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Printing a drawing


New member
Printing a drawing direct from Solidworks gives maximum resolution. But when I export the drawing to Powerpoint the resolution quality reduces because I have saved the drawing in JPeg format. Instead of saving the drawing in 'pixels' can I save it in 'spline' format? So when I increase or reduce the drawing size- the quality will be the same.


New member
Have you tested to use View/Screen capture from the menu and paste it to the Powerpoint page.


New member
Save as PDF, and then open in acrobat, and using the graphic select tool, copy the region of the drawing you want to the clipboard. Paste this into your powerpoint slide. Then save the image to your hard drive, and then put this image into your PP presentation. Another option is to save as TIF then convert this tif to jpg or png in an imaging program to lose file size with little perceived loss in detail.

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