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Printing Assembley


New member

I would like to print assembly that I have designed so I can use it in a Power Point presentation as well as in a report. I tried printing it as a PDF but resolution is very poor, so is there a way to make a higher resolution print. It would also be nice if I can make a video of part moving and exploding if that is possible.

CATIA's TOOLS + IMAGE has tools for both of your requests.

TOOLS + IMAGE + CAPTURE allows you to grab an image directly from CATIA and save it as an image file (jpeg, tif, etc.) You can also copy it, and paste it directly into your PowerPoint document with pretty good quality. (If you do this, I suggest you use PowerPoint's EDIT + LINKS and break the link to CATIA otherwise the image will automatically change when you change the CATIA assembly)

TOOLS + IMAGE + VIDEO allows you to capture a video of your CATIA session to replay later.

I also use SNAGIT to do similar screen grabs and videos
Thanks MrCATIA that looks awesome. I have another question, is there a way to remove coordinate planes attached to each of the components as well as the splines attached to wiring so that they are not seen when I record it. Thank you in advance.
I get this question all the time. The answer is 2 parts:

1. As you work on each individual part; before you save the part, use TOOLS + HIDE to hide all the Planes, Hide all the sketches, Hide all the Axis Systems, Hide all the Geom Sets, etc. Save each part so you only see the part geometry and all the construction geometry is hidden.

2. If you open an Assembly and it's full of Planes and other construction geometry of many parts, you can use the EDIT + SEARCH to select and hide the construction geometry in all the parts. However, you cannot save the assembly with everything hidden. The next time you open the assembly, you'll have to Search, Select & Hide everything again.

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