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Pro/e BOM creation


New member
Dear All,
I have a small but quite intresting problem. I have created a plate on which no of extrusions had been modeled. now I brought it in the drawing to create draft.For this i have created a table which contain volume, wt of model but apart from it . i would like show the quantity of feature created by pattern
is it possible to show this quanity in table
As this is not a part in assembly it is showing complete model as a single product.so can anyone help me in this problem


New member
can you post a snapshot of that part?
if you want to show the quantity of patterns in the drawing then just insert a note "&p(id of pattern feature)"
the quantity of the pattern will automatically get printed.
its like recalling a parameter into the drawing.


New member
an identical problem was posted in mcadcentral forum. the patterns are identified as "p*" where "*" stands for numbers...
When you create the BOM, include the parameter of the part as "&p*". I have not done it. but it should work.


New member
BOM its really Bomb

Dear All,

I am facing very small problem but it is very typical.I have created a format which is displaying unit wt, volume, and other parameters of a component in assembly. till this i ve no problem. Problem begin now ..... Check the structure.This contain replication of MOD_1 at different level.This same thing is seen in BOM but i wann to avoide replication of same name on different level and count mod_1 once with all replication to get final count of it which i will multiply with its unit wt to calculate total wt.I have tried it by usein relation with if clauses but it lumpsy and not giving result. So is it possible to use loop like do while, or such other available in programming language.If it is possible plz provide me solutions. please find the attache images for clearity.