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Problem in chamfering the corner.


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I am new to 3D CAD. I have created a channel in AutoCAD 2004, by creating the cross-section and applying a thickness to the lines. Then I changed view to the yz-plane. When I try to chamfer the corners off the side of the channel, I am getting the following message: "no object selected". What is really wrong?
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I creared a channel shape per you instructions and was successful in chamfering thethickened lines on the end (crossection of the channel. You won't be able to chamfer edges that have "thickness" because you haven't created a 3d solid. Really only 2d lines with depth, actually just a hollow outline. Type in "shade" and you will see this.

Start over with your 8 entity end view. Now either create a "region" from these entities OR connect them in to one polyline. Then "extrude" this shape to the length you want you channel to be. You may now got to any isometric view or any view through free rotation and chamfer or fillet any linear corner/edge on the part. Shade again and you'll see a solid part, not a hollow outline.
I think you have made a surface. You need to make a solid. To make a solid, draw an enclosed area and turn it into a region. Then extrude the region.
Hope I am helpful.

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