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Problem Opening Assembly with Screws in Solidworks 2K6




I was sent an assembly that was held together with cap screws but when I open the file the screws lose their scaling (extremely large). I do not have the toolbox add-in (standard version) but the person that designed the assembly does. Is their a way to import the screws with the proper scaling?


Resolved yet?

Hello Komplekx,

I noticed that this thread was still on the board without a reply. Has it been resolved yet? Are you using a different version of SW that the source file was created with (i.e., way to import the screws)? Also see if the screws were accidentally modeled to a different units such as inch when the rest of the assembly parts are in mm. That happens sometimes.

Good Luck
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tool box

plz let me know if u r opening the files directly from that system on which these were originally made

also if u have copied them what method did u followed?

this problem occurs when u dont have tollbox installed on the server.

but in ur case u say u have the simplfied version on ur machine.

try a thing

open the assy in that system in which tool box is thr.

the n go to file>find references

the n click the option copy files, u may get a msg that do u want to preserve directory structure. i feel u cna click no.

the n copy the entire assy to a new location and the n move that folder to ur machine

now open on ur machine and check if the same error is thr

hope it work for u


Deepak Gupta
The "Big Screw" problem.

The person who supplied your assembly used "Toolbox" on a Local computer.
For some stupid reason, SW has ignored this common failing of the toolbox/smart fastener add-on. What it means are; the parameters that set the size of the screw are on the local computer which the drawing was created. Unless there is a way to get to those settings, you won't have the file open with the correct size hardware.
If you work on a network, you can have the Toolbox setup on a common drive where all the users can access it, then the path is set back to that common location, and the parts come out ok. If you send the assembly to someone outside the local net, then it becomes "The Big Screw" again.
If you have a list of the correct sizes, it might be best if you open the files for the oversize hardware, and edit it to the correct size. If you edit it, it will then be loaded as a regular part in the assembly, and not as one of the stupid "smart Fasteners".
Otherwise, unless you really need the hardware, just delete it.:eek:
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