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Problem with 3D Capture



When I am trying to captured a couple of 3D models from Inventor and Solidworks, it comes in as a 2D flat image. I select Create PDF>3d Capture and then walk thru the settings. I flip to the CAd app and hit PrintSreen. When it returns the dialogue I accept the defaults. What I end up with is a 2D PDF. Not a 3D capture.
Any suggestions.
Is this a 3D annotation?

Hi Campbell,
Stupid question from me: did you try to activate the annotation?
Once you make the 3D capture, an annotation is created and is displayed in 2D (with a poster that is generated from the captured 3d data).
You have to activate the annotation (click and rotate, or right click + "activate") to see it in 3D.
Could you check whether your capture settings for SolidWorks and Inventor are set to default one. To set the capture settings go to Edit>>Preference>>3D Capture and click "Restore Defaults" button. Then try to perform a new capture with this default settings.

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