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Problem with object scale


New member
I have a 3DS Max model (got it from one of my friend) when I opened it and go to set the unit to "Decimal Inches". After that, I import my other models that are in .iges format from Rhinoceros. The model I made from Rhino is in inches but when it is imported to my model in 3DS Max, it looks relatively small (too small I can tell). Does anyone have solution to this, I've been trying to figure this problem out, please give me some guidance. Thanks in advance.
In Max, one unit is one inch. So I if your character is 6 feet tall, I would draw a box on the viewport with 72 in height to check and see which model is incorrect. Then just use a xform modifier to scale the character to the correct size. It is very hard to determine what is wrong at the point, may be the model made in max was not model to scale, or the conversion between software was the problem. To set the actual units, go into the System Units setup (by clicking the button there) and set the units there. Then re import the model. It will scale to the new system unit.

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