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problem with render view of extruded dxf plan

tim fry

New member
hi there
i am new to rhino and have just created a site plan. the plan was draw in microstation and imported as a dwg. i extruded all of the buildings and the wire frames look correct when i switch to open gl mode the model fractures and does not display correctly. i thought it was a graphics issue but when i export the model into any other 3d package the same thing occurs. i have tried lots of different file format combinations but cant figure out why the wire frames are ok but the rendered version does not display correctly in any programme. any help would be greatly appreciated. i really don't want to have to model the whole site again.



try the quad mesh plug in


or meshtonurbs command (if you have the ram)

also try opening the microstation file rhinoceros imports that too

and the newsgroup is the best place for help