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Problem with V5 Sketches


Super Moderator
Little Aircraft posted the following in another forum:

Hi all...

I used catia software for few years. However, recently i just found there is something wrong in using the software.

I found that eventhough I done all the constraints but my sketcher still cannot turn into green line. May I know anyone faced that problem b4?

Please help. Thanks a lot.

little aircraft :confused:
The Sketch Analysis tool that Linde suggested might help you figure out what's going on.

Another method is to drag the sketch geometry around and see which way it moves, or if it moves at all. (fully constrained geometry (green) won't move)

Without a screen shot of your sketch, it's really hard to guess at what could be causing the problem. Have you constrained something back to the H and V sketch axis?
you could also check to see if the line color is set to automatic in the graphics properties. I know if you have them set to a specific color they will not show up as green when constrained

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