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Problems creating surface


New member
I've been given the task to see if I could figure out the volume of material to be removed to create a shaft. The material is a mix of rock and dirt. I've been provided an unrolled profile of the material. I started with the bottom profile (red curve) since it seemed there was only a trench-like zone. Below is the procedure I used.

1) Applied a decal on the cylinder with the decal being the profile image.
2) Trace profiles using Spline on Surface.
3) Create spanning splines that span the closed loop profile.
4) Extrude cylinder surfaces.
5) For each cylinder, create new profiles/contours using Spline on Surface.

I stopped creating the contours to see if the surface would be created. SolidWorks doesn't give a good result. It seems like there are bends and kinks that I can't seem to get rid of. If anyone could take a look, it would be greatly appreciated.

Link to zip file containing profile and SolidWorks file.