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Problems when Pro/E Wildfire 2 3D model is imported into Adobe Acrobat 3D!



I am trying to import a 3D model into adobe acrobate 3D from Pro Engineer Wildfire 2. The part comes in fine, but there is a plane along the center of the part. This plane is referenced as another model in the Adobe model tree. This plane is not showing in my model when I perform a print screen. Can anyone suggest me a way to remove this plane from the acrobat file? From the model tree I can blank the plane, but the plane re-appears as soon as I disable the 3D.
Thanks in advance!!!!
Right click on the model inside acrobat and edit inside the 3d toolkit. It would be very easy and simple to remove the extra element in 3D toolkit.
You should creat a new default view in order to take the effect otherwise the disabled 3D preview will be sourced from the previos default view in existance.
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In my opinion,i use right hemisphere(deep exploration) software.
proe trans into stp format or other.then use the right hemisphere trans into the U3d format .OK.then you can open it with adobe 3d.and the Adobe is 7.07 version or above.
hope this can help you.
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