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Problems with Assembly Snap

To place components automatically component snap is used. You can find two setting in this feature. You can find the first in your file. The setting is comp_snap_dist_tolerance (0.5 my setting) this sets the snapping tolerance.
You can find the second one in the component placement dialog box. Expand the snap after selecting the preference if it is not expanded. Check the ‘Activite Snapping’ box.
To use it upon component placement the part will need to be in the assembly window while you are constraining it. Select a mate, align either on the part or the assembly then use Ctrl & Alt to move your component. As you move it various possible references are shown. When you are happy with one release Ctrl & Alt then your part will be constrained.
Thanks for the reply. I tried as per your instruction but could not succeed, may be it is some thing to do with the build we are using i.e., 2001, 320. We were busy in finalizing about installing the latest build, and hope it will be finalized in a day or so-I will give it another shot. How do you feel about this feature? Will it be very much useful as PTC says.
We use the same build which you are using, I don’t think it is something to do with the what you done. As far as the feature is concerned I feel it to be very useful and quicker when aligning axis.
One more thing is have you selected the ‘Automatic’ in component dialogue box.

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