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problems with Dimensioning



There seems to be an inconsistancy in dimension lines and text in my layout drawings, with some dimensions been darker and with thicker lineweight than others, but I have them all on the same layer, setup my document style to the same setup, my printer line weights are all setup correctly, so what's the problem, is there something I have left out? please help, I cant figure out.


Prob with dimensioning

i can't find out the reason for it, but u can try doing one thing.

Well if u can edit ur registry then this trick may help u out.

close the solidworks and open the regedit

then go to hkey_local_machine>software>solidworks

right click on it and select export and save the registry file.

now delete this key "solidworks" and restart the solidworks

u shud get the agreement accepting window.

accept it and check.

but before doing this, go to start>programs>solidworks>solidworks tools>copy wizard and save ur current settings.

pls dont do it if u dont know bout registry editing.


Deepak Gupta
there are 2 types of dimensions in sw:

1. feature driven, comes from the part
2. reference dimension, you add them

they have different styles. I believe ones black and the other is gray.

is this your issue?

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